A Dire Need for Attention


Drama is not always a factor people want in their lives, and many of them breathe a sigh of relief when it is over. They secretly hope it does not happen again, and they are relieved that the pressure is off. There are people with a need for attention, and they are often the ones creating the drama in the first place. They can take an ordinary event like a family dinner, and they can turn it into a marathon of angst with little or no effort on their part.

The partner of this type of person is often very relaxed, and they quickly learn how to circumvent the drama in their own way. A spouse might cook dinner so it is on the table when everyone arrives home, but their needy partner will come up with something that simply must be added to make the meal complete. They could actually care less about nutritional value because their need is for everyone to see them working hard over a hot stove, and they want recognition of their efforts.

Few of these types of people realize their entire family is circumventing their need for attention as they eat dinner while this person is still cooking. They have learned at an early age that their life will never be quite normal, and they ignore the person creating the chaos. They often give the person who needs attention far less than they might have in normal circumstances, but it matters little to any of them.

A person with a need for attention will do almost anything to get it, but their thoughts are solely on their own desires. They do not necessarily interact well with others, and their failure to satisfy the needs of their partner or family are often at odds. Getting the attention they want takes them down a path where they will eventually be ignored completely by their family, and even strangers will begin to do the same once they learn the truth.