Trading Excitement for Love

There are few people who crave a dull life with nothing more to do than watching paint dry, but many people find excitement palls quickly when it comes to a relationship. Those who have found a partner they keep breaking up with might crave someone who is truly compatible, and they have the chance to find them when there is a break in the relationship. Finding someone who will always be emotionally available can have them trading excitement for love.

Life is difficult enough for any one person, but those who have an unsuitable partner often find life is more difficult. It drains their energy when they have to keep going through the same unsettling routines of breaking up and making up, and it can cause them to rethink their position after a while. The person they dated a few years ago who wanted a home and family might suddenly seem much better, and they might just look them up to see if they are still available.

Many younger people are looking for exciting relationships, but few of them realize that excitement can take many forms. While dating someone mysterious and out of their league might feel good at first, being with someone who will support their hopes and dreams for a lifetime is even better. Those who have realized this fact are ready to move on to a new and better partner, but those who are still looking for excitement will continue in their normal round with the one they are dating.

Life will always have its share of exciting moments, but people who are mature realize that most excitement heralds bad times ahead. Rather than seeking the excitement of being with someone unsuited to them personally, they are looking for someone who will be there in good times, bad times and even the exciting times that lay ahead.